2020 New Model “Limited Edition, Mono-Art” and “5 string bass model”

Limited Edition, "Mono-Art"

“Art series” for Tiny Boy Bass will be released in 2020.
3 uniquely-designed “Mono-Art” series are to make debut as the 1st runner. Be sure to note it’s limited run.
Please take a look at the details on the photos below. If you’d like to have even closer look, come and stop by our booth, E2110 at NAMM !


5 string bass model lineup.

Since the birth of Tiny Boy Bass in 2019, many players have inquired for 5 string Model. Indeed, it was a challenging project for us.
As we spent a year, here we introduce 5 string bass (low B) to you all.
Delivery may be around April. Please check and try it out !

You can check Tiny Boy bass at E2110 (HOSCO) and B9637 (Making Music Solutions III) at NAMM.